A Whirlwind Tour of Coffee Throughout History

Original caption: Coffee growing. 1880 Costa Rica, Central America

Coffee is one of the beverages that we drink on a daily basis, but have you ever stopped for a little bit to think how coffee came to be and what made it so popular to begin with? One thing to note about coffee is the fact that the most recent writings about it seem to place its origins at some point in the 10h century.

According to the mythos, it seems that the origins of coffee seem to come from Ethiopia, where a sheep herder lost a few sheep during one day. While trying to recover them from the wilderness he encountered a coffee tree and that’s when he wanted to try it out. From here onward people started to eat the coffee beans instead of grinding them, it’s only a few years later when people actually began grinding coffee and as you can expect this was a major breakthrough (although it required some clean up, which wasn’t a problem before).

Coffee soon started to cover a lot more than Ethiopia and that’s when it spread to the neighboring regions in Africa, with the Middle East being soon to follow. At first, the monasteries in Yemen started to be very interested in the properties that coffee had for meditation but from there people started to trade coffee and that’s when the exposure of this popular drink has managed to reach astounding new levels.

Soon after that most of the Africa and Western as well as Southern Asia was consuming coffee. It wasn’t until the 16th century that coffee actually managed to reach Europe and it first came from the Balkans. Just like many other regions, at first they used it mostly for medical purposes but soon people in Italy and France started to realize the potential.

There are many dark stories regarding coffee as well, with some rulers in the middle east actually having to stop coffee shops from functioning because people were focused more on having fun there rather than being productive. This lead to a coffee ban that didn’t really last that long.

While coffee was already very popular in most of the world by the 17th century, it didn’t reach the Caribbean region and the Americas until early 18th century. That’s exactly when the colonials saw the potential that came from coffee and started cultivating it. In less than 50 years after coffee was first brought to the Americas where were no less than 18000 trees found in plantations all over the country.

As you can see, coffee has a very interesting story with a wide range of amazing twists and turns. What we do know is that many people rely on it to get the focus and energy they need during the day so in many ways it can be seen as a necessity. You are bound to like the amazing results that coffee has managed to bring to the table throughout the years, but one thing is certain, this continues to be one of the most popular drinks in the world. People will continue to cultivate and drink coffee in the future for sure, all thanks to its amazing properties and great health boost, that’s for sure!

Here’s How to Brew The Perfect Cuppa

Some of us like to serve coffee from automated machines, others are more focused in brewing our own coffee. Either way, this can be a very good idea and the results can really pay off. Of course, if you do want to brew you own coffee then you have to focus specifically on having the right knowledge and tools at your disposal. With that in mind, here are the steps and tools you need to get the best results!


There are multiple types of tools that you can use to brew coffee, ranging from bean grinders to coffee makers and expresso machines, so it’s all about finding the right tools for you. The idea is to use a bean grinder here as that’s what you will need right off the bat. Make sure that you rinse with some hot water and then try it with a towel. No grounds need to be found here otherwise the experience will be very bad and you want to avoid that at all costs.


If you want quality coffee then you have to acquire the best beans. Focus on checking the origin country of the beans, their variety and the kind of grind that you selected. These will obviously affect the overall brew quality so you should totally keep that in mind as it’s truly important.

Using a grinder

If you have a coffee grinder the idea is very simple, you just get the beans and place them inside the grinder. Make sure that you have a fine powder at the end of it all, otherwise the results might not be as good as you expect.

Brewing coffee

When you brew coffee you need to focus specifically on having the starting point of a very good quality. You need fine powder if you really want to maintain the durability of your coffee maker and at the same time this will also bring a great taste to the coffee as well.

The steps for brewing coffee include:

  • Get the coffee powder that you obtained from your grinder. Remember that here’s where you can opt for specific flavors if you are into such a thing, so keep that in mind.
  • Place the coffee inside your coffee maker, in its designated spot. Remember to add only the required amount that’s stated in the device’s manual. That’s why measuring the grounds is very important as this will make the coffee stronger or less powerful, it all comes down to the concentration you use.
  • Add water, the more water you add the more ground coffee you need otherwise the quality will be affected
  • Start the coffee maker and wait until it finishes the process. It won’t take that long to begin with.

In conclusion, the process of brewing coffee is very simply and you can easily do it on your own with the proper tools. No matter if you ground coffee on your own or choose to get it from the store, the brewing process is deceptively simple and easy to understand. If you love coffee this is surely the way to brew it on your own, just follow our instructions!